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Your Garage Door is Worthy of the Investment is watchful of the Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine, their sister publication. These trends in remodeling projects are often tied to local real estate market conditions.

Their research unearthed that nearly 60% of homeowners begin a remodeling project within six months of moving in. We recommend taking a look at options for a new garage door! The 2016 Cost Vs. Value Report shows that mid-range garage door remodels held 91.5% of their value, and upscale garage door remodels retained 90.1% of their investment at resale.

In fact, in the list of mid-range home improvements, a new garage door replacement was the THIRD most valuable project. And for upscale projects, it was THE MOST valuable return. (Click the images below to see an enlarged version.)

2016 Mid-Range Garage Door Replacement, image courtesy of Remodeling Magazine

2016 Upscale Garage Door Replacement, image courtesy of Remodeling Magazine

See the full article on at Cost Vs. Value Highlights Projects’ Worth Across the Country.