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Ten Tips on Choosing A Garage Door Repair Service

Use these ten tips to choose a quality garage door repair service.

  1. Ask your friends or neighbors to recommend a good garage door company.
  2. Contact two or three business to ask for estimates, and be sure to ask for details about product warranties.
  3. Ask the company for a list of customer references in your area.
  4. Inquire about the total minimum charges for a service call. There may be charges for a basic fee, travel, labor, parts, and so on.
  5. Don’t equate the size or number Yellow Pages ads or online ads with the trustworthiness of the company.
  6. Don’t authorize the repair until a technician clearly explains the problem and tells you the exact cost. Legitimate garage door repairs rarely cost several hundred dollars.
  7. Verify advertised offers when you contact a company. Some companies have been known to publish advertisements with false or misleading information.
  8. Call your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there are unresolved complaints filed against a certain company.
  9. If possible, be present when the repair work is being done. Some scam artists intentionally break parts and then replace them.
  10. Never pay for garage door repair service in-full and up front. Asking for a partial deposit is legitimate; just be sure it is a reputable company even before you pay a deposit.